It's Saturday in Athens

It's Saturday in Athens

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Top 5 Wish List of Wins in 2011

We are officially in the Dawg Days of summer, and news is slim. For a solo blogger like myself, fresh topics are becoming hard to come by, and will be until Coach Richt goes to meet the "other 11" in Hoover Alabama later next month.

SO what better way to push through the slow period than to make a list!!! No, not a preseason rankings list, and not a list comparing the top incoming SEC true freshmen who not a soul could predict their true impact....

Top 5 games we want NEED to win this season:

We need the cheers to shift to the left....
1. Florida 10/29, Jacksonville:  For obvious reasons, we always want to beat Florida more than any other team on our schedule. The reasons are not fun to talk about, and I will just leave it at that. PLEASE bring home a victory this year!

2. South Carolina, 9/10, Athens:  In years past, when we beat the COCKS, it is sort of a shrug it off "that was nice, but we are suppose to beat those guys" victory. But when we lose, it stings, and stings bad. This season, beating the chickens will not only put us in the driver's seat for the East, it will also erase the sting of last season, all while humbling Steve Spurrior and the newly "cocky" cocks.

3. Auburn, 11/12, Athens:  Do I need to talk about why we want to beat these guys asses this season?? Didn't think so. I hope "Evil Richt" we have had glimpses of this offseason shows up this day and runs the score up on the rebuilding War-Eagle-Tiger-Plainsmen..... my pulse increases just thinking about it......

4. Georgia Tech, 11/26, Atlanta:  It's our State Championship. While we hate these guys, it pales in comparison to how much they obsess over hating us. Watching their frustrations over Mark Richt collecting rent from their fans gives us a bit of sadistic satisfaction. Not to mention their arrogant coach has recently instructed their fans to "attack us". There is also no fanbase in the world who can win a game once a decade and delusionally think they are all of a sudden the leaders in our overall record.... just squash the nats... AGAIN

5. Tennessee, 10/8, Knoxville:  I almost feel like a Georgia Tech fan on this one. Tennessee owned us for years and years. Now every win we put together against the Vols is a good one! And since they are a bit on the down side, I have no problem kicking them hard to remind them they are down. That damn "Rocky Top" song makes my ears bleed when they are winning, but there is some sort of sweet melody attached to it when we have the advantage. In the famous words of Lane Kiffin, let's beat Tennessee this year, and we will "play Rocky Top all night long"


**Boise State, 9/3, Atlanta: This is one of those "for fun games", in a sense. The only thing riding on this is a national perspective amongst viewers who normally do not give a hoot about UGA. Winning this game will give us reason to pound our chest and declare ourselves "back", while losing will mean little, as we will still be 0-0 in conference play. Since Boise plays nobody of importance after us, they will remain highly ranked, and be considered a "quality loss" on our schedule.... but let's run those blue-broncos back west like 2005!

**Mississippi State, 10/1, Athens: We need retribution for the poor showing we displayed in Starkville last fall. We simply should have won that game, and by not doing so, we just gave our haters a bit of mix for their haterade concoction. Winning this game is crucial to our SEC run, and also for our perspective amongst the rest of the SEC fanbase

WHAT SAY YOU?? What games are most important to you?? Rank them below!!

65 days til' kickoff!

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