It's Saturday in Athens

It's Saturday in Athens

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Mark Richt Hot Seat" Actually Fueled by Haters.

I have noticed during this and the last 2 offseasons, right about this time, fresh ideas and topics to write about become about as rare as a Georgia Tech win over the Dawgs. Therefore, we have been inundated with the Mark Richt Hot Seat soap opera, created by our haters.

I find it odd, and funny, that maybe 1 out of every 25 true UGA fans and supporters I know or talk to consider the Hot Seat debate to be a complete joke. I also notice the people who are completely obsessed with the idea of Mark Richt's job being in jeopardy, come from fans of teams who have a losing record against Coach. It also seems that the teams with the worst track records against Coach, are the ones that obsess the most.

The reason I bring this topic up, is because of the articles I have been reading about Mark Richt going on a mission trip to Honduras over on the worst newspaper website known to man. The comments on those articles are fueled by and full of Mark Richt and UGA haters, trying to justify a man who is trying to make a difference in people's lives in need to be a negative thing for he, and the University of Georgia. I personally have not made a single comment on those god-awful blogs since sometime during the 2009 season, when the immature hate fest between Techie fans and UGA fans really began. I seldom read the comments, unless it is a story such as these, where constructive conversation would be so possible, yet reality doesn't allow for it.

But in my brief moments where I do take a glance beyond the bottom of an article, I notice that Mark Richt is considered this big, bad, evil man by everybody outside of Dawg Nation. So I sat for a second and tried to think of why other teams' fans could despise him so much. I could not come up with a single scandal involving Coach. I could not come up with a single comment or conversation involving Coach which would trigger anger from opposing fans. I could not come up with a single classless act in which Coach intentionally humiliated another team or its fanbase..... (well except this one, and that was truly fighting fire with fire). The ONLY thing I could come up with to support opposing fans' obsession with him being on the Hot Seat is his record against them.

Richt's record against the main culprits who obsess over his job being in jeopardy:
Georgia Tech: 9-1
South Carolina: 7-3
Auburn: 6-4
Tennessee: 6-4
Alabama: 3-1
LSU: 3-3

Other regular teams on UGA's schedule either do not chime in or simply do not count enough to be mentioned in my blogs.

Florida is not included in this conversation, because the only fanbase in the world who wants Richt to remain at UGA more than Dawg Nation is the lizards from the swamp. And unfortunately this is for reasons we do not like to talk about. Nobody was more excited to see Urban Meyer retire than Dawg fans, and that's because he was so successful against us. The effect is polar opposite in the minds of Gator fans.  And that is completely fine, because that is what makes college football rivalries so great.

So it is obvious to me that when when I read comments from Georgia Tech gnat fans, Bammer-Jammers, the War-Eagle-Plainsmen-Toomer-Tigers, or the Volunteer Fire Department from Tennessee, it is really a matter of complete respect for Mark Richt. They just will not admit that. They are honestly worried about what will become of our rivalries with them if Richt stays around another 10 seasons. They LOVE (looking at you Tech fans) to bring up the lack of a National Championship in Athens under Richt's watch. What this says to me, is that people who criticize this, fully respect and expect Richt to win a National Championship every year. And for that, I really do appreciate it!!

Since you will likely see in upwards of 5,386 articles between now and September 3rd involving Mark Richt being on the Hot Seat, and outlining what "must" be done in Athens this season in order for the seat to cool down, keep in mind who is writing those articles, and who shares the sentiments addressed. Once that soaks in, smile, and appreciate the fact that the entire argument and assumption is really created by fans who are completely terrified of the thought of seeing Mark Richt coaching Between the Hedges in..... say.... 2016.

74 Days til' kickoff!

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