It's Saturday in Athens

It's Saturday in Athens

Friday, June 10, 2011

Two Damn Good Dawgs, and Steak and Lobster(s)

News out of Athens this morning is a fun read. Herschel Walker graced the 2011 Dawgs with his presence, and worked out alongside them. I have not heard numbers yet, but I am willing to bet the attendance amongst the team was 100%. Also unknown, is the amount of pushups and situps Herschel made the team do. Here is a picture tweeted by Aaron Murray this morning, which could go down in history as two of the best damn dawgs in the history of the program.

On a related note, Aaron Murray also tweeted out a picture of the Steak and Lobster dinner had by the Black Team last night as reward for defeating the Red Team at the annual G-Day game in Sanford Stadium this past April. Now, take a look at that plate and tell me the Red Team's beanee-weenees didn't taste just a bit worse after laying eyes on Aaron's plate.....  (you counted right, three (3) lobster tails)

I am off to the lake for the weekend! Enjoy yours!

85 Days til' Kickoff!!

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