It's Saturday in Athens

It's Saturday in Athens

Monday, June 27, 2011

UGA should NOT be Pete Carroll's whipping boy!!

**I am writing this entry this morning based strictly on a knee-jerk reaction. I, along with you, and every other person already casting stones, have absolutely no clue as to the full context of the topic**

So, that said, if the NCAA decides to come down on UGA and Jarvis Jones after allegations of a Parks and Recreations scandal in Columbus, GA back in 2009, there is a SERIOUS problem!!

First of all, this is in no way Mark Richt's problem. This is (unfortunately) not even Lane Kiffin's problem. The allegations include the Parks and Rec director, Tony Adams, paying for flights for Jarvis and his mother to go to and from Atlanta and Los Angeles, right after he signed with USC(w) and Pete Carroll in 2009. So to find this out now, and possibly punish Jarvis and the UGA program by sitting him, is completely absurd.

I would have a hard time believing Pete "the snake" Carroll had no knowledge of how Jarvis was funding trips from Atlanta to L.A. for his benefit. I would also not be surprised if Tony Adams got a nice USC logoed reimbursement check that never found it's way to the official USC books. With Pete Carroll's track record as a fraudulent POS coach, you cannot convince me for a second that my thoughts on this are not just a little on the truth side.

So when the NCAA gets their dirty hands on this case, and likely suspends Jarvis for the first game, and possibly second, Dawg Nation has every right to be completely livid. I doubt Jarvis had zero knowledge of the infraction, just like I doubt $cam Newton had zero knowledge of Pops McNewton shopping him to SEC programs. But when Jarvis plays the "I had no knowledge of the situation" card, will the NCAA do the same thing it did for $cam, and give him a big sympathy hug while telling him "It's okay young man. You go about your business scott-free and we will tell your parents they will have to purchase their own tickets to the rest of your games"........ doubtful.

If anything should be done, USC needs to be investigated for this matter (just PLEASE do not put it in the headlines every day for the next 7 years), and more scholarships, or practice time, or pregame meals should be taken away from them. If UGA becomes the whipping boy for a transgression that took place on USC's watch, my disdain for all things west of the Mississippi River will only inflate to epic proportions.

Do the right thing NCAA, and leave Athens alone on this matter.

68 days til' kickoff!!

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