It's Saturday in Athens

It's Saturday in Athens

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Isaiah Crowell Puking = EXACTLY What the Doctor Ordered

Reports of Isaiah Crowell throwing up during Coach T's strength and conditioning regime have been circling the blogosphere over the past week or so. I am here to say that this is GREAT news!!

Haters have been quick to jump on the "he is so out of shape, going to be a bust" wagon, and are attempting to use the news as just another bullet in their miserable hate-driven sports lives. But in my opinion, there has been no more welcome news recently than the info that Isaiah is being pushed to his absolute limits.

The kid is a physical freak of nature. From reports and scouting I have read, he has a natural, Herschel Walker (oops, really don't like using that comparison) like makeup, where he could go months without seeing a weight room and still bench press you and all your siblings with ease. So the fact that he is yacking during the opening days of strength and conditioning tells me he will only get better than he already is between now and September 3rd. SEC football is a far cry from the most prestigious high school football in all the land. Isaiah, and other new arrivals, are currently going through their most grueling days they will face as University of Georgia athletes. They have been told from day 1 of their recruitment that the next level will require much more, but until Coach T actually got them into his weight room, with his agenda, they had no clue and absolutely no idea how to prepare.

So think about how good Isaiah looked in high school on those YouTube videos we have all seen. Now picture him even bigger, stronger, faster, and much more conditioned than we have ever seen him. Isaiah blowing chunks is the best news I have heard since early June. If I heard any news that Isaiah was handling the transition to SEC ball without pushing himself past his limits, I would question his work ethic and the effectiveness of Coach T's program.

So again, let the haters hate, and attempt to spin any news they hear out of Athens into a negative tidbit, attempting to paint the UGA program as clueless. Truth is, Isaiah and the rest of the newcomers are going through hell right now. And that hell is helping mold them into the leaders on the field we should see very, very soon.

73 days til' kickoff


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