It's Saturday in Athens

It's Saturday in Athens

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Auburn Billboards in Metro-Atlanta

The other morning, driving from Atlanta up I-85 northbound toward Lake Lanier to spend a day on the water, I noticed a repulsive sight hanging over my head, just north of the perimeter. A giant billboard, with the words "your future is clear" and a big picture of the BCS National Championship trophy. On the far right is the makeshift national championship logo which Auburn has created for itself.

I want to get angry at this, and want to feel it is a classless jab at the people and fans of Dawg Nation. However, if UGA were to have won last year's BCS, or win any in the near future, I would smile greatly at the thought of hanging a similar billboard right at the Opelika exit down I-85 south toward Montgomery. So all I can really do is bite my bottom lip when I see these ugly things, and keep in mind that when the day comes, payback will be oh so sweet! It also serves as a compliment to the state of Georgia, letting it be known that without being able to get recruits out of this great state, they would be nothing, since Alabama grown talent is quite pathetic in its own right.

Let's see how many of these billboards we see hanging anywhere after the mediocre, rebuilding, loss plagued year the Auburn football program has in store for them in 2011.

Enjoy it while it lasts War Tigers. Wins on your upcoming  schedule are not so "clear", and the odds of keeping that trophy on that billboard for more than a few years may be even more distorted.


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  1. I think that billboard is aimed at the Atlanta high school kids who can't get into UGA. I just think it's hilarious that they have to advertise to get people to consider Auburn as a higher education destination. We have a waiting list for admissions, and they have to beg our in-state rejections to apply. I think it also speaks to the quality of Alabama high school education that they can't fill their freshman class with people who actually have a chance to graduate.