It's Saturday in Athens

It's Saturday in Athens

Friday, July 29, 2011

That Voice in Sanford Stadium.... Brook Whitmire

Whenever the term "voice of the Dawgs" comes up, one instantly would hear "Run Lindsay"or "Hobnail Boot" in their head in the form of a raspy, dry, enthusiastic tone of Larry Munson. Some much younger Dawgs may even think of the deep, "edge of your seat" announcing of Scott Howard, the current radio voice of the Dawgs. But when I think about the current voice that is synonymous with UGA football, the Sanford Stadium public address announcer, Brook Whitmire, is the voice I dream about throughout the summer, waiting for it to welcome me home in the fall.

Few things get a true Dawg fan excited like the voice that comes over the Sanford Stadium speakers about 20 minutes before kickoff that declares "It's Saturday afternoon/night in Athens, and time to tee it up between the hedges". 

Whitmire is about to enter his 20th season as the public address announcer in Sanford, and has never missed a game since his calling up in 1992. I have not had the privilege of interviewing Mr. Whitmire, but please check out this interview from the Athens Banner Herald back in 2005 to get to know the man behind the voice better.

Only 36 days til kickoff!!!
Only 43 days til the (other) voice of God greets us as we file in with 92,746 of our best friends!!


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