It's Saturday in Athens

It's Saturday in Athens

Friday, November 11, 2011

Tomorrow epitomises what Dawg Nation lives for.

For a great amount of us, UGA football inhabits a large percentage of our daily thoughts. In the south, especially, college football is not just a sport which takes place in the fall, but rather a way of life and religion. We plan our family outings, weddings, and even delay a birthday party by a day or two depending on who and where the Dawgs are playing on those glorious fall Saturdays. It often makes me sad when I do the math, and realize that only 3.3% of a calendar year is a gameday And only half of those take place in the Classic City. And in that depressingly low statistic, only one (or two if we are lucky) of those gamedays brings with it the magnitude of what a Saturday in the south is truly about. Tomorrow in Athens, happens to be one of those days. 

Tomorrow is suppose to be sunny with highs in the low to mid 60's. For those of you living in a tunnel, or are just simply blind, northeast Georgia is experiencing  one of the most glorious fall foliages I can remember, thanks in part to summer drought-like conditions and a colder than normal October. If there is one place in the state to witness the beauty and majesty of the season, outside of the mountains, Athens is that place.

A common scene around the state
Every fan of every sport longs and yearns for the games which have championship implications riding on them. Such a slim number of those fans ever get that opportunity. For Dawg fans, tomorrow's Athens sunrise brings with it the most important day in the past six seasons. For the first time since 2005, a game between the hedges is being played in November, with UGA being in control of its own destiny in the SEC Eastern race. And there is no better way to play that game than to do so in the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry fashion, with Auburn paying visit.

Even though all the Dawgs need to do is win in order to keep control, the day will be made even better with the fact that help may be handed to us in a game taking place before Brook Whitmire declares on the Sanford Stadium speakers that "It's Saturday in Athens". Even if it does require a win by the treacherous alligators of north central Florida, that game will be an added spice to an already buzzworthy day. So hopefully you, or somebody you know has a tailgate equipped with a satellite TV, so you can keep abreast on the wonderful sport which drives our lives.

For those who will not be blessed with mobile television waves, please do not be shy and poke your head into a downtown Athens bar, and open up your wallet. While the downtown restaurant and bar industry thrives just fine on the (over 21.. *cough, cough) student body year round, the six Saturdays a year when 100K+ migrate in is an added bonus, helping drive the places which possess and cradle so many of our memories. So get in there and enjoy a little bit of the early games, while the anticipation in your stomach slowly takes wings and grows restless.

There is simply nowhere else in this world I would rather be tomorrow than Athens, Ga. We are so truly blessed as a fanbase to have such a magnificent place of congregation, even if it is so seldom throughout the year. So few towns and campuses across the country are as fortunate as the Dawg Nation to be faced with a day like the one which stares at us tomorrow. The Classic City is a siren in our heads year round, and tomorrow her seductive melody will be calling our hearts more than ever, leading us to a great battle between the hedges, like none we have bared witness to in years. Answer her call, and come join your brethren in the greatest place on earth, on one of the finest days imaginable.


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  1. Well written, Sir. Being a Dawg fan recently transplanted to Fort Worth, I can only testify to all those wonderful Fall mornings and early afternoons on campus having cocktails leading up to my time at Sanford Stadium. And only now when it's the imposibility of being there tomorrow that makes me understand why I miss it so much. The comercial has it so right, You may leave, but it NEVER leaves you.