It's Saturday in Athens

It's Saturday in Athens

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cheer for the Gators????????

It goes against everything I stand for as a UGA Dawg.

My hatred for Florida is actually older than my undying love for UGA. See, when I was a child in elementary school back in the early 90's, Florida State was one of the suave, chic, young, and "swaggered" (as the kids would say these days) teams out there. So being a sports junkie as long as I can remember, I took a liking to the Seminoles, who took over all the national broadcasts during this confused time in my life (remember, Goff was in Athens and there just wasn't much to get excited about coming out of the Classic City). So being a Seminole "fan", I DESPISED the alligators from Gainsville. I actually remember crying whenever the alligators would beat the Noles.

It wasn't until around Middle School, at age 12 or so, when I began to realize that the players on the University of Georgia football team were indeed MY home team, representing everything I knew and loved about the great state of Georgia. So throughout my transition to eventually become as big a Dawg backer and supporter this world has known, the one constant was the fact that the alligators remained the team of Satan, who as far as I am concerned, sympathize with General Tecumseh Sherman's idea to burn the state of Georgia into an oblivion.

Look at Sherman's uniform.... told you!
All of a sudden, this Saturday, the basis of all things I know are being challenged, even if it is for the better of my Dawgs. I doubt I need to explain to you that if the alligators beat South Carolina this Saturday morning, the Dawgs will be playing for the East Championship immediately following. And by damned, I think the University, its fans, and its loyal supporters deserve this very scenario after all we have gone through the last several years.

Before somebody points it out, I am fully aware that if South Carolina beats the alligators, we can still beat Auburn and Kentucky and win the East. But I cannot think of a more special day Between the Hedges than clinching our division against the team which we have salivated for revenge against over the last 365 long days. I cannot think of a better buzz in Sanford Stadium amongst our players and our loyalists than a 3:30pm, peak of a beautiful southern fall kickoff, knowing how big a win would be for our program. And in order to make this dream scenario a realistic one.... well..... one thing MUST happen......

So I plan on utilizing my time before kickoff in Athens by pumping about $20 of my own personal money stash into some lucky downtown bar while watching the Cocks and alligators play football. And I want nothing more than for my dream Saturday scenario to play out as I want it to......

But I 100% REFUSE to utter the words. So I am going to let Ms. Corrine Brown say it for me......

GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. You just need to root for the Gamecocks to lose!