It's Saturday in Athens

It's Saturday in Athens

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Voice of God

I feel I would be an irresponsible blogger if I failed to write a piece on the passing of Larry Munson. But I am having trouble finding the words to jumble together which wouldn't mirror the sentiments already written by so many similar to myself.

I need not tell you that Dawg Nation lost one of the unmovable members of the Mount Rushmore of UGA last night. I need not tell you that emotions are running very high throughout the state of Georgia, and all of the college football world. All of those things have been written more today than perhaps ever before.

I heard a phrase when I was younger, which I tend to mentally reference in certain situations. "Do not cry because it is over. Smile because it happened". I can think of no situation or person more worthy of this phrase than Larry Munson, being called home.

When I heard the news last night, an overwhelming warmth came over me, knowing that we had been so fortunate for the Munson family to share their son, father, husband, and brother with the world in the manor in which they did. Larry's life was one which touched so many people, that while mourning is a certain step in the process, a celebration is so much more appropriate.

So like you, I let my fingers type in multiple searches on YouTube last night, letting the voice of God re-live those moments which have been cemented into the minds and hearts of Dawg Nation. Throughout today I have soaked in all of the links and articles written about Larry, and smiled while absorbing each one.

I am unsure what I can write here, that you have not already been pleasantly inundated with today. All I can offer you is the confirmation that we share the same thoughts and feelings about the wonderful life of Larry Munson. It makes me giddy to think that as I write this, Larry Munson and Lewis Grizzard are likely sitting together, swapping stories and catching up on time missed. What I would give to get my hands on that piece of audio.

I look forward to the tributes which are due, and well deserved. I would like to make the trip to Sanford Stadium whenever an official memorial is organized.

I would like to extend an idea to the new radio voice of the Dawgs, Scott Howard, to allow the opening kickoff, as well as the first offensive play this Saturday, to go "radio silent", as we all know Larry will take care of it for us. If any of my readers know Scott, please pass this idea along to him for me.

We all have our envisions of what the voice of God will sound like. And I believe the millions of family members who make up Dawg Nation can agree, that the voice has just returned to the appropriate place.

Rest peacefully, Larry Munson. You are gone, but will NEVER be forgotten.

Go Dawgs.

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  1. Very well said, I feel at a loss for words, thanks for writing it so beautifully.