It's Saturday in Athens

It's Saturday in Athens

Monday, November 14, 2011

Mark Richt shows his class in "blowout" of Auburn

Urban Meyer would have called 2 timeouts in the final minute. Steve Spurrier would have openly promoted the "revenge factor". Nick Saban would have called pass plays throughout the 4th quarter.

Could have been SO MUCH worse
Not Mark Richt. Throughout the entire week leading up to this year's installment of the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry, despite countless media attempts to have him talk about it, you would have never known that there was bottled up anger in the Dawgs after the fashion in which Auburn won last year. If I need to remind you of the snide, classless, and dirty manor in which Auburn spanked our Dawgs on the plains last year, then you have stumbled across the wrong blog.

So after the most dominate 1st half of football played against a "worthy" SEC opponent since the 2007 version of the DSOR (original blackout game), and the scoreboard reading 35-7, there was plenty of chatter in my section, and I am sure your's, about the want and desire to hang a solid 70 on the war-tigers. I am sure there was plenty of this raw emotion and feeling amongst some of the upper-classmen in the locker room as well.

But instead, the Dawgs defense continued to do its thing, while the offense kept the ball on the ground and only put up 10 points in the 2nd half. I believe I read a stat that our final 24 or 25 offensive plays were of the rushing variety.

Was this a sign of respect to Gene Chizik, who danced and visually attempted to pump up his players and fans last year when that despicable ruckus broke out in the waning minutes of the game? I sincerely doubt it.

Taming the,
Instead, this was Mark Richt's way of showing the Auburn coach, players, and their fans that he is just simply above the shenanigans which so many others are willing to partake in. Coach Richt knew that he had sent a message to Coach Chizik through the form of a solidly played, respectable football game. And the fact that is was a total and utter domination of the eagles tigers sure didn't hurt.

Take a look around college football at the moment, and soak in the types of behaviors being exhibited by coaches who have seen success. Would you trade Coach Richt for the chance at being an ESPN media darling, and the promotion that comes along with it, if it meant being in the situation Penn State is in right now? Do you want every weekly press conference Richt conducts to constantly provide bulletin board material for the upcoming opponent's locker room? How would you like to see Richt slamming down his headset and slobbering all over the officials faces during a tirade? How would you like for a blowout win like the one we saw on Saturday, be overshadowed the entire next week with talk of how classless he was by hanging 70 points when it was not necessary?

The little red devil on one of your shoulders sure does provide a tempting sales pitch at times, trying to get you to do things which you know will be instantly satisfying, but bring with it lingering regrets. And one thing Coach Richt sure seems to have mastered, is listening to that white angel on his opposing shoulder instead........ well, except this time ------>  Georgia/florida 2007  (click link for good memories)

Consider yourselves lucky Auburn fans.... You know good and well as I, that this could have, and should have been a WHOLE LOT worse!!

And one more thing..... There seems to be a missing item report filed for a "hotseat", that once belonged to Coach Richt. If you see it, ignore it, as it is no longer a relevant conversation piece. Welcome home, Mark. Welcome home!!


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