It's Saturday in Athens

It's Saturday in Athens

Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Not a game.... we talkin' bout.... PRACTICE!!"

Famous philosopher, Dr. Allen Iverson (Ph.D. in "Practice")
As once great basketball player and philosopher Dr. Allen Iverson once quoted.... "Not a game, not a game, not a game, we in hea' talkin' bout....Practice... we talkin' bout practice". 

Well, little did Dr. Iverson know that the entire SEC country is indeed obsessed with.... practice. And luckily for Dawg fans, today is the first day of.... practice!

There simply is no other league, region, or sport that enjoys news about a practice session than the SEC. Where else can you find 45k fans (90k in some cases) filling the seats in a stadium in order to watch a practice game? Where else do fans sit on pins and needles during the spring and late summer, and foam at the mouth the second they see a practice report hit the media wire? The NFL cannot even fill a third of their stadiums for practice games against hated foes! Can you imagine if Clemson or Florida State came into Athens in late spring or early summer to participate in a practice game? I assure you there would not be an empty seat in Sanford Stadium, and bragging rights as to who won the ....practice.... game would fill the blogospheres for an entire year.

So today, at 4:20pm (that get your attention Florida fans?), the Dawgs will strap on helmets, throw on some shorts and hit the practice fields at Butts Mehre. And there is no fanbase as or more giddy about that practice than the Red & Black Dawg Nation.

I would attempt to write a practice report based on the ones I read, but I guarantee anybody who looks at this blog, will have already read the exact same reports I read, seconds after they are released.

Good luck today Dawgs!! Especially to the greenhorn freshman who after today's practice will officially be christened as Damn Good Dawgs!!!

Allen Iverson "practice" counter: 15.5
This blog's "practice" counter: 14  (so close!!!!!)

30 days til' kickoff!!
Go Dawgs!!

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  1. Thanks for giving FSU a shout-out! We could use a rematch after that dreadful Sugar bowl...