It's Saturday in Athens

It's Saturday in Athens

Monday, August 8, 2011

Is Boise State the right team to be playing in 2011??

With full pads being strapped on for the first time today, it's time for UGA and it's fans to direct all focus to Boise State. But is this the right year for us to have to worry about an opponent of Boise's "caliber"??

There are several ways to view it. Will winning the the game put us back in good standing with people outside of Dawg Nation? Will losing it destroy any image of national prominence for the foreseeable future? Will losing the game add more fuel to the lazy, obsessive reporters' flame throwers of "Mark Richt Hot Seat" arsenal? Will the team prepare harder this summer camp with Boise waiting for them as opposed to Western Carolina or Florida Atlantic trembling at the thought of playing us? With so many questions, and a so called "make it or break it year" awaiting Coach Richt, is this game really a good idea or bad?

I feel the outcome of the game is no-win situation of sorts. If it were any Top 10 team other than Boise State that would not be the case. However, Boise State has been the target of the BCS chest pumpers' witch hunt since they arrived on the national scene several years ago. Everybody wants to ridicule their schedule, stadium size, blue field (???), conference, and anything to discredit their wins. So we beat them, and the only praise we get would come from the nay-sayers who will declare Boise to be a fraud who shouldn't have ever been mentioned in the Top 10 to begin with. BUT, we lose to Boise.... and all hell with break lose with our image. The Nation will be pointing and laughing at us, and declare the game has passed Mark Richt by and demand his "seat" to be officially doused with gasoline and lit up. So somebody please try and show me the silver lining in the relevance of the final score of this game.... I fail to see it.

I have no doubt the players are excited for this game. Georgia Dome. National TV. Bowl-like atmosphere. Nike Pro-Combat Unis. In their eyes, winning this game will launch us back into the championship caliber conversation. I just wish the media agreed. But the team is a close bunch this year. I have no doubt in my mind that they are preparing harder than ever before to make a statement, together. So the painstaking practices between now and September 3rd should translate into better preparation for the much more important games of the year, involving other SEC teams.

Undoubtedly a VERY serious mood in Athens

I don't always love going out to Athens on the first Saturday in September without the slightest bit of worry. Going head to head with worthy opponents is what makes mine, and most college football fans blood boil with excitement. And facing teams who we know have a good chance at beating us is the best way to get in good with that crazy BCS formula. But I feel there is WAY too much riding on this season in Athens for us to be playing Boise State in week one.

My fiance's father is a long time season ticket holder, and he was able to request, and receive, extra tickets to the Dome for us on September 3rd. I without a doubt am as excited as I have been in several years for the opener. And when I see that ticket in the next few days, my heart is going to jump out of my throat with giddiness. I just wish this game could be held next year, when Isaiah Crowell will be not be thrown straight into the fire, and the season may not be hinging on so many things that have to go right.

26 days til' kickoff!!


  1. Dawg Day, I see your points. I think McGarity and Richt saw this game as an opportunity to give the team something to point toward in the offseason. If Richt had not wanted to schedule this game, McGarity would have politely declined to Gary Stoken. The bottom line is that if we beat Boise and USCe, we will become part of the conversation and not just about the SEC championship. I believe winning this game does mean something to us. It doesn't necessarily mean we're back, but it does mean the staff and players aren't going down without a fight.

  2. Typical SEC mentality of it being a LOSE-LOSE for you when you play a team like Boise St. It is just your way of coming up with the excuses before hand just in case you lose. Lets you place the blame on scheduling before the game is even played.

  3. As a BSU fan, it is in someway nice to see this attitude put down on paper, it rather confirms what most BSU fans suspect of non-fans attitudes. What I'm curious of now is your opinion AFTER having played us? Is BSU still just a joke team used to make other teams laugh at the losers? Unfortunately the team roster is starting to wain a bit and it will be one of those scenarios of once it does, the big teams will finally feel enough gusto to come play because the numbers line up in their favor. Until then they sit behind their laughter secretly afraid that they might be served up next.