It's Saturday in Athens

It's Saturday in Athens

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chuck Dowdle ALMOST ruined UGA's season!!

Dowdle interviewing Richt one of hundreds of times each season
One of my favorite Dawgs was neither a player or a coach. All Chuck Dowdle did was simply graduate from UGA, and led a long, successful career covering Atlanta sports at WSB Channel 2, and the Dawgs on NewsTalk 750. There simple is no member of the media who's love for all things UGA gleams through like Dowdle. There is no member of the media I would rather listen to after a Dawg loss, or during offseasons like those of late when everybody else takes the "gloom and doom" attitude, where as Dowdle provides the most comforting, fatherlike "it's all going to be ok" tone in his coverage. 

However, Dowdle almost became one of my least favorite Dawgs when he came closer than we realize to getting Aaron Murray suspended by the NCAA for god knows how long.

On 680 The Fan this morning, Rude, Leo, and Sandra were broadcasting live from Athens to cover UGA Media Day and the first day of practice. Dowdle joined them for a few minutes, and told a recent story in relation to how the NCAA can be a bit ridiculous. Dowdle talked about how he and Aaron Murray speak often throughout the coverage process, and have become friends of sort. In some conversation, Dowdle mentioned to Murray that he should attend a Braves game sometime, and Murray showed interest. Dowdle claimed that he could get him credentials to meet some of the Braves players who are die hard college football fans. So recently, Murray called Dowdle to inquire about a certain date to go down to The Ted with him. Dowdle obliged, and set everything up. After obtaining credentials, and lining up times/transportation, etc., Dowdle LUCKILY thought to himself for a moment about all the "extra benefits" situations currently plaguing the world of college football. So THANK GOD, Dowdle decided to contact UGA director of NCAA compliance, Eric Baumgartner, to make sure the Braves outing would be ok......

Let's hope Aaron paid for this shake weight himself!!
Baumgartner told Dowdle "ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!"

Close one, Dawg Nation.... close one. 

We should in no way be mad at Chuck Dowdle for almost blowing the season. He went on in the interview to talk about how it's ridiculous that Murray could not go down and meet the players, which could result in a life lesson and motivation to excel both in the classroom and the field. I happen to agree.

However, it does worry me just a slight bit that Aaron Murray didn't recognize this as a possible violation, and was ready to go forth with the "extra benefits"....

No harm, no foul. But that was WAY too close for comfort. 



  1. I'm glad to hear Murray didn't get in trouble. What a ridiculous rule! If the president of the UGA chess club was offered a similar chance and took him up on it, there would be no problem. It shouldn't be for a football player either.

    1. Trust me, don't nobody want to meet the President of the UGA Chess club