It's Saturday in Athens

It's Saturday in Athens

Monday, October 10, 2011

New Age Junkyard Dawgs Straight Invaded Rocky Flop

Minus 20 (-20) yards rushing given up.....
Dawgs feasting on a creamsicle

Not in a single set of downs. Not by 1 single player. Minus 20 yards rushing allowed by the Junkyard Dawgs Defense over the ENTIRE game to lowly Tennessee. Oh, and not between the hedges, but while baking in a pot of tacky orange at Neyland Stadium!! I speak for the entire Dawg Nation when I say "YES SIR!!!!!"

Big hats off to the Dawgs D this weekend, and an extra bark or two for Junior ILB Mike Gilliard for claiming the SEC Defensive Player of the Week in the effort. I do not like reporting stats, but MG had 12 tackles, 1 big time sack, and 1 pass breakup. GATA!!!

So this new wave of defensive production has me feeling a bit cautiously optimistic. And to think, that we have yet to see Sophomore Alec Ogletree, who drew more praise than anybody on that side of the ball during camp. Am I the only one who cannot wait to see him rip apart whichever underachieving Gator quarterback decides he wants a piece of our D in 3 weeks?? I thought not....  Also, do not forget we did this on Saturday night without Cornelius Washington, who will also return from being a bonehead in time for Florida.

Enough about the D. All you need to know is they are looking like DAMN GOOD DAWGS, and I expect no let up anytime soon.

Granthams "secret" to success
I was extremely fortunate to attend this game, which was the first time I have ever ventured away from the Hedges to watch the Classic City Canines. I was far from disappointed. I met several fellow bloggers, whom you need to read if you are not already.... Hedges2Hardwood, ADamnBeast, DawgStephen. GO! Read them, and love them.

A special thanks to the Hedges2Hardwood crew who threw a pretty awesome tailgate for free-loaders like myself and some other tweeps (who you also need to go follow... @Ludakrisi @Dawgfan_1980 @BulldogBrock @Genxdawg @gadgetdawg @dawgstephen, and of course @hedges2hardwood) Good food and drink were shared by all!!

We had a very special treat during the day-long tailgate, when Mike "Big Dawg" Woods stopped by and hung out for a while. He told us a very interesting story about his dog being used at the Isaiah Crowell signing-day announcement, which I am still debating if I should write up or not...... for those there, consider yourselves extremely fortunate to have bared witness to his words.

So Neyland Stadium was impressive in size, but they truly are wasting an opportunity to have one of the most incredible views in all of sports being nestled on the banks of the Tennessee River. But they chose capacity over character... and somewhere an already rich chancellor doesn't regret it for a second. Also, I thought the Tennessee band incessantly played that damn "Rocky Top" song in Sanford Stadium.... HOLY CRAP are they obsessed with that annoying little jingle in Neyland. I honestly wasted about 6 minutes of my life in bed trying to go to sleep, while that song continued to make my inner ears bleed.

Tennessee is not a bad place to go to in October

Possibly my favorite part of the day, was leaving the stadium amongst that tacky sea of orange fans while all Dawg fans high-fived and screamed out "Go Dawgs" and other anti-orange slurs. The Vol fanbase was down... REAL down. You almost felt sorry for them, until you realized that nobody forced them to wear that color that day but themselves. And besides, it was their fans/students who decided to start a "F--- you Georgia" chant during a long official replay in the 3rd quarter.... just sayin'

Overall, a WONDERFUL trip was had to Knoxville. The ride home through the Great Smokey Mountains on Sunday wasn't half bad in itself. The foliage is quite nice up there right now.The people I met are just awesome, and I cannot wait to do it again!

Go Dawgs!!!

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  1. That was fun. Well played. Thanks for the shout out and for checking out A DAMN BEAST!!! too.