It's Saturday in Athens

It's Saturday in Athens

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Free Aaron Murray!!

This entire season I have felt like something is missing when I watch Aaron Murray's QB play. But I hesitate to place blame on the young man, more than I place blame on Mike Bobo.

"Trust me coach......"
If there ever was a time for Mike Bobo to free Aaron Murray, this is that time! We all saw glimpses of it last year, when Aaron seemed to take games over, and execute plays the way he wanted to. But more times than should be this season, I have felt a Joe Cox like presence from Aaron, making up his mind what he is going to do on a given play, with absolutely zero chance of taking glances at option B or C. I feel as if Mike Bobo is feeling the heat of the oh-so-old coach's hot seat chatter that the local media continues to obsess over, and making sure plays are being executed the exact way the X's and O's say they should be.

Aaron has thrown more than one pick that I can think of this season, trying to thread a needle, while another receiver or two were much more open. I cannot help but point my fingers at the ultra-conservative play calling we have come so accustomed to from Bobo. It is as if Bobo has drilled it in Aaron's head that "this is the play we are going to run, and this is exactly how we are going to run it".

Does anybody remember last year in Jacksonville, when the Dawgs were backed up against the wall in the 4th quarter and needed some big plays? Does anybody remember the improvisational plays that Aaron and Orson Charles put together? Aaron and Orson have been working together since their Plant High School days in Tampa, FL. There is no doubt in my mind that the chemistry those two have created over the years working outside of monitored practice, was the reason for the Dawgs at least pushing that game in overtime last year. That, is what Aaron is more than capable of doing..... if given the chance.

Aaron and Orson, a DEADLY, intangible combination
I admired the hell out of Aaron this past summer, about the time when fall camp had yet to begin, but the players had all reported to campus. An article came out about how Aaron had reported to Bobo or Richt one, that "This Mitchell (Malcolm) kid is the real deal! Where did he come from?" This was a tell all sign that Aaron makes an effort to work with his receivers on his own time, at least attempting to create the gel he has with Orson, with all others. Aaron knows where his receivers are going to be, where they are going to turn, and where they are going to go if a defense happens to sniff out the original plan. It is LONG overdue to give him the reigns of his own receiving corps, and show the world what he can do.

Although Mitchell is "doubtful" this weekend, Aaron is more than ready to step up and create plays when plays simply aren't as obvious to others. I hope to see Bobo relax on him, and stop treating him like a child "learning the system", and start letting him "revolutionize the system".

Less than 48 hours til kickoff!!

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