It's Saturday in Athens

It's Saturday in Athens

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Auburn game looms MUCH larger than the WLOCP

Nobody in the great state of Georgia wants to see the Dawgs beat the luxury purses and designer shoes out of Will Muschamp's alligators this weekend than I. However and unfortunately, I have been trained throughout my young life to look at the scenario of the Dawgs winning the East based on coming up short (once again) in Jacksonville. Especially considering all 3 times we have played on the first weekend in December, we fell short to the alligators earlier that season.  

So like the dog who drooled when Pavlov rang his bell, I too am going to go ahead and assume we will come up short this weekend based strictly on seeing the word "Florida" on the schedule....... So what after that???


The biggest win for UGA this season had nothing to do with any points we put up, or points not given up by our defense. The biggest win came two weekends ago about the same time Vanderbilt's coach James Franklin decided to call out Shawn Williams, and then took a good finger pointing and tongue lashing from Todd GrAnThAm (<----- see what I did there?). During the over hyped exchange between these two, the newly despised Auburn War-Tigers did UGA the biggest favor they've done for us since giving us Vince Dooley. They handed the alligators their 3rd SEC loss.

This may end up playing HUGE for the Dawgs, assuming my pessimistic attitude about the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party once again proves true.

Great kid, unfortunate circumstance, but good for Dawgs
So, when if we mentally collapse and lose to the alligators this weekend, all eyes need to go straight to the 7:15pm kickoff in Knoxville, where the Cocks of Carolina will be playing the Vols. I don't think I need to tell any of you that a kid named Lattimore will be in sweat pants instead of shoulder pads for the remainder of this season, and possibly spring. I also need not remind any of you that a loser named Garcia has been unseen or heard from for the last 3 weeks. And if our orange clad neighbors can incessantly play that damn "Rocky Top" to the point that the newely inexperienced Cocks fall short, it will be just as if Saturday NEVER took place. And personally, I like the Vols' chances!

This will mean two VERY important things. 1) The Dawgs MUST, MUST, MUST beat Auburn on November 12th in Sanford Stadium. 2). The Cocks MUST MUST MUST lose another game. And since they are going to be on the road against a strong #8 Arkansas, and at home against an alligator team who will most definitely have their starting QB back in Brantley, I can see them easily losing one of or both of these games. And the silver lining is, if the Cocks somehow manage to beat the alligators.... well... that will be loss #4 in the SEC for the alligators. Either way, UGA benefits from this game. 

I will go ahead an put a W in the win column for the Dawgs against Kentucky on November 19th. If you thought Washaun Ealey's 5 TDs in Lexington was something last season, just wait and watch Isaiah run against this year's Kentucky D.

The lights shine bright at night in Sanford
So this scenario makes the game on November 12th the ABSOLUTE BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR for the Dawgs. No matter who wins and loses what over the next couple of weeks, if we do not beat Auburn, the chances of seeing a sea of red in the Georgia Dome in December will be hanging by a thread. I personally hope the networks realize this, and put us under the lights in Sanford Stadium. A 7:30pm, ESPN kickoff would suite the Dawg faithful just fine if you ask me. Get our boys fired up! Get the crowd loud and crazy! Because that revenge we have longed for since last November, when Nick Fairley tried to kill Aaron Murray and the War-Tiger's professional rent-a-QB took us to the shed, is going to have a WHOLE LOT more meaning in the big picture.

But it sure would be nice (and easier) if we are the ones smiling come 7:30pm this Saturday in Jacksonville......

GO DAWGS!!!!!!

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