It's Saturday in Athens

It's Saturday in Athens

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jarvis Jones Pre-Spring Practice Interview ***Dawg Day Exclusive***

Returning All-American, Jarvis Jones
I had the pleasure of exchanging some tweets, and then some emails with returning All-American Outside-Linebacker Jarvis Jones the last few days. 

He was kind enough to take time out of his busy student-athlete schedule to answer a few questions for me going into Spring Practice, which begins today at 4:05pm. Check out the interview below, and find out Jarvis' thoughts on mat drills, Malcolm Mitchell joining his defensive squad, running the 3-4, and Ray Drew cooking squirrel on campus.... Enjoy!

Dawg Day Afternoon: How did mat drills go a few weeks ago?
Jarvis Jones:  Mat drills were great, we really improved mentally and pushed our body to the max. Team unity was definitely built.

DDA: What was your highlight of Spring Break?
UGA's favorite spring destination.

JJ:  Lol my spring break highlight.. umm on the beach in Panama City was the place but my highlight probably was just being there with all my teammates and classmates enjoying our break. 

DDA: Going into Spring Practice, your defense has 10 of 11 starters returning, and receiving big praises from many national media outlets. How do you expect the attention to affect the focus of the team during the crucial spring period?
JJ:  Being that we did a good job last year and that we still have those same players in those position more is expected of us. Though at the same time we only control what we can. Therefore the media and the national attention will just be something out there. We (team) will continue to prepare the best we can and have fun doing so and lean on each others while not worrying about what people expect of us because we wont and cannot make everybody happy.

DDA: You made it known very early in the process that you intended to return this season, despite many NFL experts predicting you a 1st or 2nd round draft pick had you left. What was the biggest factor in your decision to return?
JJ: Well, obviously it was a big decision that was made but I'm glad that I made it. The reason being is, we have some players on this team and I respect them all including our coaches. I just felt like we were right where we needed to be last year but we lacked experience in certain situation therefore we made mistakes. Now as I look forward to the up coming season, I feel that we've learned from those mistakes and everything that we've experience and that the guys want to win, and its something that we're passionate about, and something that's a goal and for me to say that I'll stay and grind it out was very humbling and respectful for me to do so. 

DDA: How much campaigning did you do with other returning upper-classmen to stay who were also eligible to go pro early? Did you all sit and talk as a unit? 
"Brothers" working together.
JJ:  Lol. I did no campaigning, the guys just believed in what we have here and wanted to be a part of it.

DDA: In only one word, describe the relationship amongst the defense this spring.
JJ: Brothers!! I say that because we all have each others back and we know without one another that we wont get where we need to be and that's the best in America.

DDA: What are your biggest goals of the spring?
JJ:  Most of all stay healthy, improve in the areas we wasn't as strong in including the ones we were strong in. Learn more techniques and to keep people from cutting me.

DDA: April 14th will be your second G-Day as a competitor. Talk about the feelings you get when you get to compete in front of your fans for the first time in months.
JJ: It's always special, anytime you get to be a part of the Bulldogs Nation and get to play between those hedges it's unbelievable. I love every minute of it. Last year we had 43,000 to come out this year I hope that number improves.

Who wouldn't want to play for this guy?
DDA: Running the 3-4 Defense seems to be the popular recent trend in college football. How much of a believer has Todd Grantham made you in the scheme? What would you advise a new recruit who has not yet run it, entering his first spring (or fall) with it? 
JJ: The 3-4 scheme is the best system I've played in. However, Coach Grantham is a special coach and person. He knows how to put his players in position to make plays and I credit him and my teammates for all that I did this past season. As for recruits you have to be a part of it to see it, I can't tell our secrets, lol. Though, the players that just got here at Georgia they're learning and its nothing like HS.

DDA: You were only 1 sack from breaking the UGA single season record of 14 by David Pollack last season. Do you plan on making his record one of your personal goals this fall?
UGA single season sack leader, David Pollack (14)
JJ: I get that question a lot but I've always been a team player and will never be about me. However, I would love to blast his record, but if I don't, so what. All I care about is winning the big ones and that the guys I play with enjoy this game.

DDA: What past college football standout do you consider yourself “trying to be like” or “from the mold of”? 
JJ: I don't think I consider myself after anyone or try to be like no one. I watch a lot of film and if I see something I like that someone does, I add it to my game which makes me more versatile. Though I do watch film on Demarcus Ware a whole lot and learned from him.  

DDA: Todd Grantham has made it known that Malcolm Mitchell will be working exclusively with the defense this spring. From what you know of Malcolm, how ready do you think he is to be a crossover threat?
JJ:  He's an competitor and he's always willing to learn. Malcolm can do a lot and he's very passionate about this game, so I really thinks he's ready and he will have the support and all the help he needs to be ready from the guys and the coaches.

DDA:  I imagine the coaches will not let you unleash the fury on our quarterbacks this spring. How sorry do you feel for University of Buffalo Quarterbacks knowing what is facing them in the first game this fall?
JJ: Never on our quarterbacks, but we have yet to watch film on them so I don't know what they have. Though I do know that we will prepared the best we can and we will be ready to give a statement.

DDA: Do you have any practice or gameday superstitions? 
JJ: I try to keep my same rituals each game and that's just being who I am, not doing the extra things to pump myself up. Though some games the energy levels are off the charts. I try to stay loose and have fun but mentally focused at the same time.

DDA: What is your favorite place to eat in Athens?
JJ: I really haven't found that place yet, I like the Peaches restaurant but I love fish and I haven't found a place that cooks it regularly. Any suggestions lol?? 

DDA: I saw on Twitter the other night that Ray Drew was cooking up some squirrel on campus. Did you receive an invite for some sampling?
Ray Drew's favorite meal?
JJ: Lol no, I did not see that message but I don't think I would have eaten any of it but would have loved to see Ray cooking it.

DDA: Speaking of Ray Drew, Do you think the defense is ready for him to take on a more prominent role?
JJ:  I think he will, after a year under his belt he has learned a whole lot. I definitely think he will contribute a lot.

DDA: There is a new rule in college football that if a player’s helmet gets knocked off during a play, they must remove themselves from the field of play for the next play. Your helmet came off a lot last season. Are there any plans in place to lower that number? A Haircut in your future? New/tighter helmets? 

JJ:  I will not cut my hair, but hopefully adjustments can be made so that my helmet wont come off.

Big thanks to Jarvis for taking the time to work with me. Best of luck to him and all our Dawgs as Spring Practice begins this afternoon! Cannot wait to see them all at G-Day!

***And as requested.... the picture of the squirrel on the grill   <-------


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  1. excellent series of questions and i am sooo happy that he's a dawg now. he seems to have an excellent head (and helmet i hope) on his shoulders and seems to also carry some sway amongst the rest of the defence. i really hope that some of the younger players (not that any of them are necessairily otherwise) will follow his lead.
    good stuff!