It's Saturday in Athens

It's Saturday in Athens

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

200 Days till Kickoff..... Reasons to Countdown!!

Valentines Day??.... no, no, no. Only 200 days (or if you prefer, 288,000 minutes) until we congregate in the promise land of the Classic City to see our boys beat the tar out of The University Buffalo.

That has me quite excited. We still have to make it through spring ball, pollen, vacations, mosquitoes, and humidity, so it's not as if kickoff is next week or anything. But 200 days is such a nice, solidly wrapped number of which we are able to feel.

There are several reasons to be excited about this year for Dawg fans. Why not celebrate the day by discussing a few of them:

Expect Jarvis Jones to be a national name
Defense: Oh, the new aged Junkyard Dawgs. The general consensus from Albany to Lake Hartwell, and from Dalton to Savannah, and everything in between, is that the defense will once again be our strongest asset in 2012. Returning 10 of 11 starters from the #4  national overall D in 2011 has Grantham smiling big time. With significant exodus on both Alabama and LSU's D, the Dawgs should easily have the #1 D in the SEC, and should make a push for #1 in the nation. Two things right off the bat: We are SO sorry, Buffalo; and welcome to the SEC, Missouri!!!!

Keith Marshall: Specifically Keith, because he my be the ingredient which was sorely lacking from last year's backs. Keith brings to Athens with him the best attitude I have seen in several classes, as well as his good friend from North Carolina, Todd Gurley. Keith is ready to compete. Keith is ready to give Isaiah Crowell the push he needs to take his game to the next level. Don't expect Keith to ever be caught up in any type of grades or pot-smoking scandal, either. Without a doubt, the work ethic and attitude going into spring will be contagious throughout the entire backfield. Expect him to be the reason Isaiah is the concrete starter in 2012, and then provide one helluva 1-2 punch.

A true leader will emerge
  Aaron Murray: Much of Dawg Nation let out a big moan after the turnovers Murray had in the LSU and Michigan State games at the end of the season. It was easy to forget the 3,149 pass yards and Dawg record 35 TD passes. But Aaron understands what it means to be a college quarterback. Expect Aaron to hit the gym hard this summer, and spend his usual freakish amount of time watching film of his pros and cons from last season. He is only a RS Junior this fall, folks. That is usually the year a NCAA quarterback gets his first start, and comes into his own. Instead, Aaron will be starting his 28th straight game, and developing into the leader we have already seen glimpses of.

Jay Rome: The biggest hit the Dawgs took on offense was the loss of tight ends Orson Charles to the NFL, and Aron White and Bruce Figgins to graduation. However, welcome to the Jay Rome era between the hedges. Expect Rome to mirror Orson Charles in both size and production this fall. With a redshirt year under his belt, and a full spring and summer workout completed by fall, Jay will have the opportunity to show right off the bat why he was the #1 overall TE in the 2011 class. As long as Bobo utilizes Murray's ability to find his TEs over the middle, Jay Rome will be a name known throughout the SEC by season's end.

Watts is bringing it in 2012
Offensive Line: Most everybody is pointing to the line as the scariest area of the Dawgs on 2012. While their argument is valid, there are some serious positives going on that front as well. New additions, John Theus and Mark Beard are ready to fill 2 of the 3 open spots from last year's squad. Do not count out Watts Dantzler as stepping into a starting roll this fall, either. I had the pleasure of hanging out with Watts last weekend, and the kid is a) an absolute monster in size, and b) extremely serious and upbeat when talking about 2012. Just because Watts saw limited time last year, does not mean he wasn't already ready. He was just young, and learning. Expect he and Theus to turn the O-Line into a positive early on in the season.

Athens, I love you.
Athens: Because what else would you rather be doing, on any day of the year, than making the pilgrimage out to Athens for some SEC tailgating. It is what we as true fans live for. There is no campus in America so perfectly fit for hosting the greatest fans on the face of the earth. There is no city more worthy of the traditions and legends that come with the UGA brand. And in 200 short days, we get to meet there, 92,746 strong, to cheer on the seed of life that is.... UGA Football!!!

GO DAWGS!!!!!!


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