It's Saturday in Athens

It's Saturday in Athens

Friday, September 3, 2010

What's the delay, NCAA??

On the eve of the much anticipated opening kickoff, Dawg fans still don't know if they will see A.J. Green's #8 streaking the sidelines tomorrow. And that is not acceptable.

Back in early July, the college football world was introduced to "AgentGate" A lavish party held sometime earlier this summer, in Miami, FL, by an agent seeking to gain the future business of some talented NCAA football players. It is perfectly okay for a student athlete to talk with an agent, but not okay for said student athlete to accept, in any form, gifts or special treatment involving the purchasing of ANYTHING for them from an agent. The questionable items that arouse from the party, is who funded the traveling to and from the party, and what exactly they were given while there.

Nobody even knows for sure who was there. Some players have admitted their presence, and others only stand accused, while they deny their presence. Green falls into the accused/deny category. While God knows who accused him of being there, Green has blatantly said he was not only not there, but has never even been to Miami. These allegations brought with them the dreaded phone call to Athens from the NCAA, telling them they were going to snoop around a little and see what they can find out.

Green claims to have been in his hometown of Summerville, SC, and also claims to have pictures of he and family that are date and time stamped proving he was there. The allegations also drew a Tweet from former Bulldog's WR Michael Moore saying "These accusations of A.J. are hillarious. That country boy has never been to Miami!"  

This was 2 months ago. And still no word. The NCAA has already deemed Alabama's DE Marcell Dareus ineligible for the first 2 games of the season for his roll in AgentGate. South Carolina's TE Weslye Saunders, who has not denied being in Miami, is currently suspended from all team activities for breaking team rules. But no word on him from the NCAA. South Carolina played their first game last night. What's the delay?

So a big question for Georgia Coach Mark Richt tomorrow, is "do I believe A.J., and play him in full confidence that nothing will come from the investigation?" or "do I sit A.J. just in case something comes of it, and he is ruled ineligible and we have to go back and forfeit the game he played in?"

Georgia should win the game tomorrow against Louisiana-Layfayette regardless of A.J.'s playing status. But that doesn't matter. This is an issue that needs to be resolved, in one way or another, NOW. Not tomorrow, not a few days from now, not next week, but NOW. If the NCAA already has enough information on AgentGate to lay down punishment on some, they need to let everybody in question know. This is very unfair to any program in waiting, not being able to lay out their full game plan for their opening games and being able to find their groove for the upcoming conference schedules.

So it's on you now, NCAA. If you aren't ready to announce, come out and say it. Stop leaving these teams and players in the dark, and forcing them to make the decisions to play or not on their own. It's simply not right.

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  1. Sounds like what should happen is Richt should play him. If the NCAA finds he violated the rules, he should have whatever punishment applied after he's found guilty. That way the school would not be punished for playing him. Sounds like the NCAA has a lot on its plate right now.