It's Saturday in Athens

It's Saturday in Athens

Monday, August 30, 2010

It's (Almost) Saturday in Athens!!!

Four words sum up a passion shared by so many. "It's Saturday in Athens".

In 5 short days, 92,000+ Dawg fans, students and alumni will fill  the hallowed grounds of Sanford Stadium. Every year, somewhere around late May, I raise a glass to toast the day that signifies 100 days til kickoff. From that day on, you could ask me how many days and I will be able to spit out the answer without hesitation. The countdown gains serious anticipation after the Fourth of July, when you know you are within 2 months. Then in mid-July, we get a seriously needed fix, when coaches from all 12 SEC schools gather in Hoover, AL, at the Wingate Hotel to discuss the upcoming season at SEC Media Days. We  tune in to hours of coverage to hear coaches state the obvious. "We plan to attack the ball more this year", "I expect great play from our Offensive Line", "If we execute, we will be a good ball club". Every coach is trained (none more than Mark Richt) to tell their respective fanbases exactly what they want to hear, no matter how irrelevant and obvious it may be. Yet we listen, and we get excited about what we hear, because we simply cannot wait!

All of a sudden, August is here, and we get to read practice reports. Actual news of how our boys are coming together! Less speculating how they will do, and more knowing. We get to read stats from scrimmages, and break down how our QBs and RBs are looking based on 2 hours of situational contact drills. The next thing we know, it's mid-August, and the countdown is getting low. 25, 15, 10 days to go. At this point we have read everything we can possibly get our hands on to hold us over until the main dish. We cleared the magazine rack at the grocery store of every College Football Preview, Special Edition magazine or newspaper insert that has tempted our wallets. Sleep comes a little tougher. The guys on ESPN College Football Live are starting to make predictions and have news of substance. It's SO close....

In 3 days,  a holiday is truly upon us. 36 teams (4 of which are ranked) will be kicking off the start to their seasons. I will be parked in front of ESPN bursting with enthusiasm, and enjoying the theme song of ESPN's College Football coverage. This year, like last, we get to watch South Carolina, and Darth Visor take on Southern Miss. This wil be a good chance to check out UGA's first real test coming up on September 11th in Columbia, SC.

In 5 days, that countdown wil hit ZERO. Cars sporting their "G" flags will fill 316E heading to the promise land of Athens, GA. Red tents with that beautiful longated "G" will erect all over the world's most beautiful campus. The smell of hamburgers and hotdogs will fill the air, and Bulldawgs young and old will be enjoying the fellowship of one another in the perfect setting. College Gameday will be on everybody's TV sets across campus, just taking in the pregame show for the full slate of LIVE college football the day has to offer. Fans will congregate under the Sanford Bridge to take in the Dawg Walk. The stadium will start to fill about an hour before the 12:21pm kickoff, and the Lone Trumpeter will raise their horn in the Southwest corner of the stadium, sending a chill down the spine of any true dawg fan within earshot. This is not just an ordinary Saturday......... It's Saturday in Athens!!!!!

*This is the first blog entry for an experimental blog I plan on keeping up throughout the season. And by season, I mean 365 days a year, if you are anything like me. Please check back daily, and tell your friends if they want to read about the Dawgs, from a Dawg, then this is the place.